About Rena

Rena headshotRena (pronounced “Renee”) is dedicated to a healthy work-life balance, and believes that everyone deserves this.  Her mission is to help small business owners, start-ups, and independent consultants achieve just that.  Through her years in the work force, she witnessed so many leaders around her that were amazing at their jobs, and passionate about their business, but were too busy to ‘stop and smell the roses’, take time for their families, and truly enjoy life.  Her hope is to change that…one business at a time.  She fully understands that you only get out of your business what you put in, but sometimes you just can’t do it all.  She wants to be the help that you need.

Rena’s Experience

Rena Anderson has many years of administrative work experience.  She served 15 years in the United States Navy, as an Information Technology Specialist.  This gave her extensive experience with technology and attention to detail.  That position required that she maintain a top secret security clearance.  This will prove to be an asset to the business, as she fully understands confidentiality when handling sensitive, personal, or proprietary information for her clients.

She received an Associate of Applied Science Degree from the Academy of Business College in 1997, where she graduated with highest honors.  Her focus was in paralegal studies.  After attaining this degree, she accumulated approximately 7 years of experience.

She then went to Real Estate School and attained her real estate license, where she worked, gaining 4 years of real estate experience.  She then accepted a position as the Senior Administrative Assistant for field operations with a major DoD contractor, assisting 6 market regions, and handling all needs for a Vice President and two Directors.  While serving in this capacity, she was instrumental in setting up a networking group for all administrative assistants in the company, where she arranged a monthly meeting where the admins could get additional training, support, and mentors.

She and her husband decided to move from the valley and went to Wisconsin to be near family.  While there, she found work in real estate, doing research paralegal work, and some retail.  She and her husband started their first company, where they could use their skills, doing computer repairs, training, digital media, and home media installations.  While there, Rena was active in and served on the Chamber of Commerce Board for a year.

After several periods of being in and out of the work force due to moving with her husband for his employment opportunities, selling two homes, and taking time to spend with family members and grandchildren, they finally found their way back to the Phoenix area.  Rena decided to return to the work force.  However, her preference was to help many small businesses with their daily tasks rather than to be committed to one company with little opportunity for growth.  With that in mind, she decided to start a new home-based business as a virtual assistant, and hence started Anderson Administrative Solutions.

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