6 Tips for Better Time Management

Man working at desk

Start Small.  Begin your day by completing one or two small and easy tasks.  This will give your ego the boost it needs by checking those things off your list.  It will get your brain going and put it into the “work mode”.  Then tackle the bigger, harder, more thought-provoking tasks.

Work on bigger projects in the morning.  By the afternoon our brains and our bodies are ready for a break.  For this reason, it is best to take on the bigger things when our bodies are fresh from a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast.

Plan your projects.  Break the larger projects up into segments.  Work on one segment at a time.  There are many ways to track and implement different segments in a project.  One of the popular ways to do this is with a Kanban board.  This little gem can help to plan and track what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and what has already been done.  There is a free version that can be downloaded from KanbanFlow.com.

Schedule your day.  If you aren’t in control of your schedule, it will control you.  Plan for a four hour work-day.  Schedules fill up quickly, so planning for a shorter day allows the buffer space for last minute tasks, appointments, and urgent matters.  Schedule in breaks during your day.  And stick to that break time.  Block of time for projects and block off time for menial tasks.

Day Planners/Journals.  Whether you’re a techie and live by your phone or are more old-school and like the pen and paper, you need to be scheduling your day in a planner.  Color code your planner.  It can’t be expressed in words how helpful this is.  Categorize by person, task, time, priority, etc.  A newer method, which is great for the creative outlet that is raging in your head, is a bullet journal.  An endless supply of ideas and templates can be found on Pinterest.  Once you start one, you will become hooked on this method.

Avoid distractions.  Don’t be a victim of endless interruptions.  Studies have shown that it takes 15 minutes to regain your complete focus after a distraction.  The biggest culprit in our lives now is the technology interruption.  You hear that little notification sound and out comes the phone.  Who called?  Who texted? Who emailed?  And hey, while it is in my hand, what’s new on Facebook?  And there goes the hour.  So put the phone down.  Read and respond to your emails during your allotted and scheduled hour.  Look at Facebook or look up that recipe on Pinterest during your allotted and scheduled break time.

By following some of these time management tips my hope is that your days are productive and prosperous.

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