3 Simple Ways for Your Business to Be Found

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Small Business Saturday (November 26th) and the holidays are right around the corner.  That means more shoppers and more people looking for your business.  Can they find you?

A google study showed that 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, and 61% of those searches result in a purchase. 

Here are 3 simple ways to help customers find you:

1 – Make Sure You Are Listed In Directories

Not only do you want to get listed in Google My Business, Yelp, and Yellow Pages, to name just a few, but it is a great idea to make sure that those listings are up to date.  Check the listings and make sure the name, address, phone number, hours, email, and website are added and correct. 

2 – Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

This is such an important step in being found, especially for businesses who have had a website for quite a while.  Take a quick look to make sure you are mobile friendly by simply using a smartphone to perform a quick look up.  Does your site load quickly?  Most people will leave a business search on their phone or other mobile device if it doesn’t load within 3 – 5 seconds.  How does it look?  Now perform the same look up on a tablet.  If your site doesn’t load quickly, or if it isn’t easy to read your content, you may have to make a change in your website template to a responsive format.  If this is not your forte and you are in need of help, Manta (a great small business resource) has said: 

There are a lot of free web tools that let you test the load time of your website.  Test your site using Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Google’s site tester.  Google’s site tester will tell you how mobile-friendly your site is and provide a free report on how to fix it.  Click here to read full article

3 – Make Sure Your Web Content is Fresh

Have you updated your website to include your newest products or services?  This is especially important for your returning web visitors.  If the content is stale, there is no reason for them to return.  For service based business, providing information and announcements of any newly added services can entice existing visitors to contact you.  For a product based business, having the newest product information will keep visitors coming back for more. 

Along with fresh content, it is always best practice to ensure that all contact information such as phone number, address, hours of operation, and email are up to date on your website as well. 

Here’s wishing you a fun and prosperous busy shopping season.

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