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As a small business owner, my mind is constantly on learning new tips, keeping up with technology, and finding new ways to better assist my clients.

If you are like me, that means you will often find yourself with a few extra minutes here and there throughout the day. My frustration has been standing in lines, waiting for a table or guest at a restaurant, sitting in the waiting room at a doctor or dentist office, etc. and being caught with extra time and no internet connection. Seems like wasted time that could be spent ‘catching up’. Yes, my phone has data but who wants to read on that small screen all the time? Not me; which is why my Kindle is always close at hand (much more convenient than lugging a laptop everywhere I go).

Well my amazing husband and personal IT staff hooked me up with Pocket (formerly called ReadItLater). I save my ebooks, blogs that I subscribe to, articles and videos from the internet, and email content I need to catch up on into my Pocket, and it is available to me any time I have a few minutes. I have to say, I’m in love with it!

This free and easy to use app can be downloaded in seconds to android and iOs devices, by a simple app search of Pocket. Once downloaded to your device, simply open the content you want to save for later reading, then locate you ‘share’ button and share it to your Pocket. It’s that easy! No more wasted time, because you will always have fresh content to read or peruse, as long as you fill your Pocket up.

Please feel free to give me your opinion on Pocket if you are a current user or plan to be one in the future. I’d love to hear if you are using this app currently, and how it benefits you in your everyday life.

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