Microsoft Excel Shortcuts


In our month of November Excel tips, I wanted to add some shortcuts for you.  As we get busier and busier in our workdays, shortcuts become a necessary part of our life.  Therefore, I want to let you know, or remind you if you already know, how easy it is to open, close or create a new workbook in Excel.

Ready for it?  Here goes:

To Open an existing workbook, just hit CTRL + O.  You will see a list of your workbooks.

To Close an existing workbook, just hit CTRL + F4.   If there have been changes, Excel will ask you if you would like to save them.

To Create a new workbook, just hit CTRL + N.  A new, blank workbook will open for you.

If you want to completely close out of Excel, use the ALT + F4 shortcut.  Again, you will be prompted on whether you would like to save any changes.

If you have two or more workbooks open, which is pretty common if you work on or update multiple sheets during the day, simply hit CTRL + TAB to switch back and forth between workbooks.

To move between sheets in a multi-sheet workbook, the keyboard shortcut is either CTRL + PgUp or CTRL + PgDn.  This shortcut easily navigates around the workbook for you.

I hope these shortcuts are of some help to you.  Have any that you use and would like to contribute to this list (which is certainly not conclusive)?  Please let me know if these are shortcuts you typically use, or if you have learned something that might make your day easier, if even in a slight way.  I’d love to hear from you!

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