Entering Comments in Excel Spreadsheets

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In the office world, spreadsheets are a necessity.  So much information to track.  So many client names to add to your database.  So much inventory to keep track of.  The list is endless.

Today I am going to show you how to make notes, either for yourself or for others, in a cell of a worksheet.  This is most handy when you are working with large worksheets, as the information can sometimes get overwhelming.  I find this also to come in handy if you need to have information on a particular person, piece of equipment, number, dollar amount, etc. at a moment’s glance.

My example that follows is in a very simple and brief worksheet, just for the sake of example.

I want to add a personal touch to my interactions with clients when they call in to my office.  I like to keep my client list open for easy access throughout the day.  To add a tidbit of information to Dr. Pat Jones’ name, I will right click on the cell.  This will bring up a menu, where I will choose “Insert Comment”.  I will insert a birthday – June 6th.

Insert comment function

Now when Dr. Jones calls my office, I can quickly see, just by hovering over the cell (it will have a red upper right hand corner if there is a comment).  If it is close to June 6th, I will know to wish him a happy birthday.

If I would like to edit or add information to my comment, I can do so, again by right clicking and then clicking on Edit Comment.  The same goes for deleting the comment.

Your comments can be formatted, such as choosing a font and font size that is easy to read, or to color code your comments, simply right click on the comment and there is an option for formatting.

There are so many uses for the comments.  Other than the example I used above, I use them for reminding myself where I got information in that particular cell.  Also, rather than to put a ‘Notes’ column in the spreadsheet, which can make the sheet look messy and is usually a very elongated column, I simply put a comment in that I can reference when needed.

If this information is helpful, please let me know.  Also, if you already use comments, please leave a note to let me know how you use them.

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