Adobe Gives Away Free Photoshop Features


For all of the Adobe Photoshop lovers out there, or those who wish they could use Photoshop without the large price tag, I found this article stating that Adobe was giving away some of its best Photoshop features on Monday.  Available on itunes, with a future release for android, is the free app called Photoshop Fix.  Also being released are upgrades to improve some of the desktop apps, as well as the launch of Capture CC.  So now you are able to get the best Photoshop features for free. Here is an excerpt from the article:

It seems like everyone knows a person with a pirated copy of Photoshop. If you ask them why they don’t pay for it, their answer probably amounted to something like this: Photoshop costs well over $1,000, and I use 10 percent of its features.

For so long, Photoshop simply hasn’t been for those people — it’s been for the professionals who need many of its deeper, more specialized, and more arcane tools. But Adobe has been making the app far more accessible lately: on the desktop, it’s started offering Photoshop and Lightroom in a bundle for $9.99 per month, and on mobile, it’s started to break Photoshop apart into easily digestible chunks offered for free. Today, that mobile strategy gets even more exciting with the release of Photoshop Fix, a photo editing app that includes most of that 10 percent.   Read more….

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