Two quick ways to Remove Formatting in Copied Text


You’ve searched your files for a document, found the one you want to use as a starting point for creating a template, and are ready to make the adjustments.  The document is similar to the one you wish to use, but you want to put a new twist on it.  In other words, it needs to have some reformatting done to it.

We can all agree that removing bullets, or searching a long document for the removal of bolding, or italicizing, or text color, can be a time consuming process.  We take on the daunting task of reading through the document to find the items we wish to change, and inevitably miss one (or more), depending on the length of the document.  Really, doesn’t the process seem to take years (slight exaggeration)?

Well it doesn’t need to!  Formatting can be easily removed from a document in a flash, leaving just the text, ready for you to put your magic touch to it.

One simple way to remove formatting, which is an easy process especially if you want to change the formatting of just one word or phrase in the document, is by highlighting the portion you want to remove the formatting from, and then use the shortcut keys of CTRL + Spacebar.  Abracadabra!  Formatting gone!

Also, if you desire to strip the formatting out of an entire document (perhaps you like the wording but want to rearrange the text) copy the entire document and open a new document.  Right click your mouse to bring up the paste options box and use the option on the far right, which is the Keep Text Only option.  There you go!  Formatting is gone and your document awaits your magic touch.

I find this tip to save so much valuable time.  In the past, before learning these quick tips, reformatting was a complete nightmare for me.  Changing one thing, which skews another portion, and on and on.  I’m sure we’ve all been there.  Hopefully this easy tip will help you as much as it has helped me!  Happy computing!

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