3 Ways That HubSpot Can Help Small Business

HubSpot Help

Although this post isn’t actually a tech tip or trick to share with you, it is going under the Tuesday Tech Tip because it is all about web content and helpful inbound marketing information.

After recently becoming Inbound Certified through the HubSpot Academy (which, I must say was insanely great training!), I took some time to look more thoroughly at their blogs, resource library, and offered services.

I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful this company is.  They offer so much in the way of resources on marketing, sales and agency.  There are many more than three ways this company can help you, but I will elaborate on just three today.

USER GUIDES:  We all get stuck sometimes.  Whether it be looking for ideas on getting noticed by new customers or leads, creating good landing pages or infographics, creating great calls to action, or even sending out the right content in your emails, Hubspot has you covered.  They offer a great toolbox full of User Guides with best practices and walk-throughs on a great many topics.

RESOURCE HUB:  HubSpot has a comprehensive Marketing Resource Hub that stands out as a top go-to spot for all things marketing.  Included in this hub are dozens of marketing ebooks, webinars, templates, downloads, tools, statistics, and more.  Having not looked through every one, I can still say with confidence that there is something for any marketing question you might have.

TRAINING:  This company truly cares about its customers.  Their HubSpot Academy for inbound marketing is thorough and top notch.  It is offered to anyone and comes complete with web videos, transcripts, and a study guide.  I just can’t say enough good things about it!

Although I only went through three of the benefits of this company, in an effort to keep this post short (your time is valuable) there are many more things this company offers.  Some are free and some are paid services and offerings.  All are worth at least a look.  You can see for yourself!  Check them out at www.HubSpot.com or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  I’m falling in love with Inbound Methodology and would love to chat about it and how it can help your small business!

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