10 Ways To Use The Windows Logo Key On Your Keyboard



Believe it or not, the Windows Logo Key on your keyboard is not just a filler key. This mysterious little key actually serves a purpose. Several purposes, in fact.

Ride along with me while I go over some of the shortcuts this key provides.

Windows Logo Key alone. Pressing this key acts like a toggle switch to open and close the start menu.

Windows Logo Key + D. If you are working on multiple items and want to quickly close your work, open another program, or open a file or application that is saved on your desktop, this combination will clear away anything that is open on your computer and display your desktop.

Windows Logo Key + E. This key combination will open Windows Explorer, assisting you in easily finding a file, photo, music, or anything else that is stored on your computer.

Windows Logo Key + Down Arrow and Windows Logo Key + Up Arrow. These key combinations allow you to minimize the window that you have open (using the down arrow) and using the up arrow in this combination will maximize the window again. This only works with the current open screen.

Windows Logo Key + M and Shift + Windows Logo Key + M.   As with the previous shortcut using the up and down arrows, these two combinations also act as a toggle switch and can be used when multiple windows are open. Pressing the Windows Logo Key + M will minimize all windows that are open. Using the Shift + Windows Logo Key + M will undo this minimizing and once again display full sized screens.

Windows Logo Key + Tab. Using these keys together will allow you to cycle through the task bar buttons. This is a useful tip when your mouse is acting up. It is also especially handy with Windows 10, as it will make your screen look somewhat like a dashboard, showing all of your open programs in a smaller version on the same screen.

Windows Logo Key + F1. This combo shortcut will open up the Microsoft help screen. This is one that should be used to answer all of your new Windows 10 questions on the go. I must add that there is so much good and helpful information on this help site. You can push the WLK + F1 now to give it a try! And once you have it open, try out the WLK + Down Arrow to have instant access to it all day.

Windows Logo Key + L. Last, but not least, this combination will let you exit everything lock your computer, without using CTRL + ALT= DEL.

I certainly hope this information was helpful. If you are like most people, who hit way too many keys each and every day, any shortcuts are a welcome tool. Happy computing!!

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